Get To Know Us

Randolph Clay

Co founding member of Outlaws For The Cross


     Cory “Randolph Clay” Battle Sr.

 He took a heavy interest in the gospel hip hop duo Grits around middle school which drove him more to want to become a gospel hip hop artist. HE also enjoyed Papa San, Cross Movement, K3 (kindred 3rd), Tonex, Pettidee etc.

As he came to high school in his junior or senior year he had a class project, which was to use certain nouns pronouns verb etc. for an English class. This was when he had to face his peers the same ones who bullied him and didn’t accept him. He chose a rap for his chosen project and to his surprise everyone loved it and actually cheered him on, he had used an instrumental from Grits album Art Of Translation to do his project over. This actually followed up on a rap he did the summer of this school year at Awanas camp, which all the camp rooms had an ongoing competition for the week to do the best clean up project in which he had a consular that had a video camera he used to shoot documentaries. He used his camera shoot the music video that was written by Randolph Clay himself who rapped the verses and got the whole bunk to sing the chorus along which premiered that night for the competition which Featured an instrumental by 4th Elemynet on there one and only album “Elemyntal” produce by Tonex on Tommy Boy Records.

3 Nails

Co Founding Member of Outlaws For The Cross

Prior to answering Gods calling and coming over to CHH  3 Nails performances in the secular music scene included opening for iconic artists such as Bone Thugs and Harmony and playing Saint Andrews Hall in Detroit for a secular festival Wicked Stock that included artists from Strange Music as well as Psychopathic Records.

Some of his musical influences include YelaWolf, Bone Thugs And Harmony, Macklemore and many others.

DJ B Saved

Newest member of Outlaws

Who is DJ B Saved? Why the skull mask?

DJ B Saved is the newest member of the band. He brings a whole new dynamic and energy to the band .

The mask obviously draws attention and gets people to listen to what we have to say but there is more than meets the eye.

The Bible talks about the mark of the beast being either a mark on the forehead or right hand. (Revelations 13:16-17) Well the cross engraved in his forehead is to symbolize that he is a soldier of Christ.

If you look closely under his right eye, he has Proverbs 15:3 engraved. Which serves as a reminder that God's eyes are everywhere. In fact even before we accept Jesus as our personal Lord and Savior God is watching over us.

One more very important part of the mask is the symbolism of being dead in the flesh and alive in the spirit. (Romans 8:12-13)