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We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Phenyx Pro and we are officially endorsed by Phenyx Pro.

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Did you hear the news? Outlaws For The Cross are performing at Kingdom Come Festival Friday June 16th 2023 for the first time and we are on the MAIN STAGE with some amazing artist.

Check out all the details at

What we have here is an ENDORSEMENT DEAL! 

Hey what's up everyone 

We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you to our Sponsor of our first endorsement deal. Gone Country Hats. What is an endorsement deal you might be asking. Well an endorsement deal is when a company believes in a band enough that they want them to represent their products publicly. Please go check them out today at

New music coming soon  

Hey what's up Outlaw family. We are fresh off the road for this year and hard at work on some new music. Our newest single we are excited about is a track called Desert (feat Gifted Da Flame Throwa) We have been friends with Gifted for quite some time and we just knew right away we had to do a track together. So the guys got to work on the track and it will be released toward the end of 2022.


What up everyone Outlaws is making big moves this year and cant wait to see everyone. One of the big things we did this year is add a 3rd member. You guys will meet him when you see us at a show this year.

Welcome to 2022 

Hey whats up everyone its 3 Nails. I know we have been quiet for a lil bit but it's for a good reason. We have been hard at work on the new album which is going to be MIND BLOWING!!!!! We are also gearing up for the 2022 Tour Season and we look forward to seeing each of you at one of those shows soon.

Whats up everyone 

Hey whats up everyone 3 Nails here. Just figured I wanted to hop on line to tell you guys how awesome you are and how much we appreciate you. I also wanted to update you guys on the progress of the album. I know alot of you are excited about this album as much as we are. We are running ahead of schedule on the album. We currently have 7 songs done for the album and cant wait for you guys to hear it in May. Love you guys and may God Bless each of you 

Latest Track

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